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The Jolly Green Giant has stolen the corn! 

2 deviants said Aw shit bro!
1 deviant said Eff da corn - we got cheeseburgers!
1 deviant said I will find a way to ship the Jolly Green Giant with the corn!
No deviants said Dun worry fool; my own giant will kick his leafy green ass!
No deviants said Maybe he will poop out popcorn?
No deviants said Whut da flippin fudge is a jolly green giant?
No deviants said America must declare war on all green giants now!
No deviants said God save the corn pops!
No deviants said We need the biggest weed whacker in the universe to defeat this menace!
No deviants said Dinner
... As I recount some of the minor characters I killed in RPs and stories... because I'm THAT bored right now. <_<; 

Jonathon Picard, Gunsniper Pilot - Got his ass blown up when his Zoid was hit by a missile.

Bubby and Doop, Pothead Teens - Died while trying to take a selfie with an angry, angry hippo. 

Mosha the Talking Cupcake - Died when she tasted herself and couldn't stop eating her own body. 

Gene Daring, Hero-for-Hire - Accidentally swallowed whole by Xylia when he pole vaulted through an open window. She thought it was a bug. 

Morris Dudley, Self-Proclaimed RP King - Had one too many whiffs of bath salts and formed a sexual relationship with a toaster. It ended badly. 

Dax McRad, Popular High School Student - Died somewhat heroically by drowning himself and an evil witch with a giant bucket of hot BBQ sauce, before she could turn his friends into condiments. 

Kefei, The Too Handsome Prince - Was too handsome for his own good. Literally torn apart and devoured by women, and a few gay men. 

Captain Chris P. Bacon, Sentient Pig Pirate - ... Lived up to his namesake. 

Kung-Fu Cock, Oversized Rooster - Performed a high-flying kick into an open microwave. Ended up as chick nuggets and a feather duster. 

Voll, Evil Black Dragon - Eaten alive by Hildii for killing her dragon friend. 

Jackal, Amateur Thief - Was somehow mistaken for an older Dora the Explorer and swarmed by hundreds of kids at a parade until she suffocated. 

Emperor Gilgarin, Creepy Insect-Like Alien Tyrant - Squashed like a bug by Hildii after she destroyed his army and retook the planet he conquered. 

Tuffy, Obnoxiously Cute Mascot Side-Kick - Committed suicide -by eating a cute cherry-shaped grenade in front of his magical girl team- when he realized his was existence was pointless. The mess was less cute. 

Lil' Angel Rudolph, Rudolph's Good Side or something - Eaten by Rudolph after annoying him for three days straight with horrible religious country music and constant nagging. 

Lil' Devil Rudolph, Rudolph's Evil Side or something - Sliced into bits by Rudolph after trying to get him in trouble with ridiculously stupid plots. 

Blu, Ultimate Smurf Fan Who Shrunk Himself - Tried living in a huge mushroom and became very high... Was run over by a golf cart after mistaking it for a giant floating smurf head. 

Shogun Crab, Sword-Wielding Asian Crab - Devoured by Jing-Wei after a very brief duel at a beach. 

Dancing Clancy, Dancing Fool - Was unable to stop dancing to the "Ma Ya Hi" song when he first heard it on YouTube. Lasted about a week until he finally died from his internal organs failing due to over exhaustion. 

Joy, Chansey - More or less died like Humpty Dumpty when Alex threw a rock at her and knocked her down from a tree in the Fuchsia Everglades Safari Zone.

Choco, Sentient Chocolate Bar - Well... he was f@#$ed from the beginning of his bizarre existence. Benji ate him after a long chase through the city. 

Amazing Mandy, Wannabe Supergirl - Attempted to prove she could leap over a skyscraper in a single bound. Didn't quite reach the top, instead she impaled herself on an outdated TV antenna that should've been thrown out years ago. 

Miko, Neko Boy - Actually let a new reaper girl take him in after avoiding the old reaper for years following a car accident. Totally hooked up with new reaper in the afterlife. 

Sir Pippin, Monster Hunter N00b - This cocky idiot got himself mauled to death by a Tigrex that he believed he could kill with one perfect shot from his bowgun. His lifeless body was then trampled on by a dancing Qurupeco, and then played around with by a bunch of Jaggi until a Nibelsnarf snapped it up. 


R.I.P all you short-lived bastards. 

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